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The Best of Blogs {Part Two}

5 Aug

Here’s last week’s blog round-up!

Our Food:

  • {Monday} dinner at the Hagers – Chicken Pot Pie from Nicole, delicious.
  • {Tuesday} sausage and spinach stuffed portobello mushroom caps – this recipe but with half chicken sausage and half sauteed spinach
  • {Wednesday} Smoked turkey BLTs
  • {Thursday} calzones – this recipe, but shaped like a calzone
  • {Friday}  chicken and black bean flour tostadas (flour tortillas, smeared with olive oil and baked at 400 for about 10 minutes, topped with refried black beans, shredded chicken, shredded chicken, diced tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese,

Other People’s Food:

Things That Aren’t Food:

  • You should go to this site ASAP if you (or any special man in your life) is good with wood. It gives you supplies lists and plans to make tons of awesome furniture. Those plans and a can of spray paint (i love spray paint) and you could have a great room!
  • Look at this beautiful pantry-esque cabinet, complete with matching jars and items likely from bulk bins. Ahhh.
  • I love this bathroom. I am thinking of painting our guestroom/office a blue or teal.

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The Best of Blogs {Part One}

18 Jul

I think I will do this weekly, and it’s going to get me back to blogging. The Best of Blogs will be a post with links and tidbits of things I have found through the week, along with what recipes we ate at home that week (because I don’t just serve banana bread and cookie pie for all of our meals).

Some of these people are friends, and others I wish were friends. I will likely write about each one like I know them. There are so many things I see each week that I would love to do or recreate or experience, but there’s never enough time, so if I share them with you, perhaps you’ll find one that suits your day. Some are food-related, some are not!

Our Food:

  • {Monday} Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (very not-homemade with a jar of Classico Sauce), iceberg wedge salad, and bread
  • {Tuesday} Chicken BLT Sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, Steamed cauliflower, and pineapple.
  • {Wednesday} Lettuce Wraps (recipe coming soon)
  • {Thursday} Chicken BLTs again (whoops), more pineapple, and more wedge salads
  • {Friday} Out: Central Market – salads on the deck

Other People’s Food:

Things That Aren’t Food:

  • I am learning to sew (meaning, last weekend I sewed two pieces of fabric together under the supervision of someone who can sew on a machine that was already threaded and ready to go…I have a lot of progress to make), and I want to make one of these…someday
  • Someday our little girl will need a bed – look how cute and resourceful this one is!
  • I sprayed my nice, Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner bottle dry, and used this recipe to fill it back up for pennies!