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There’s a new blog, remember?

23 Sep

You can find it here:

Wish there was an easier way to stay updated with the new blog posts? You’ll need to subscribe to C is for Coffee by email by signing up here. I won’t be posting on Saltimbocca anymore, and if you received Saltimbocca updates by email, you’ll need to sign up on the new link in order to get posts from the new blog.




I’m Moving!

15 Sep

A new baby, new daily activities, new job stuff and I need a new place to go.

I made a new site.

The name is easy to remember:

I think you will like it. Today’s post over there is a recipe for flourless chocolate cookies 🙂

There will be recipes, family stuff, and new projects and pictures like this:

I won’t be posting on this blog anymore. Everything will be at but I will leave this blog up so that you can still find all of your bookmarked recipes later!

Thanks 🙂