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The Best of Blogs {Part Two}

5 Aug

Here’s last week’s blog round-up!

Our Food:

  • {Monday} dinner at the Hagers – Chicken Pot Pie from Nicole, delicious.
  • {Tuesday} sausage and spinach stuffed portobello mushroom caps – this recipe but with half chicken sausage and half sauteed spinach
  • {Wednesday} Smoked turkey BLTs
  • {Thursday} calzones – this recipe, but shaped like a calzone
  • {Friday}  chicken and black bean flour tostadas (flour tortillas, smeared with olive oil and baked at 400 for about 10 minutes, topped with refried black beans, shredded chicken, shredded chicken, diced tomatoes, and pepper jack cheese,

Other People’s Food:

Things That Aren’t Food:

  • You should go to this site ASAP if you (or any special man in your life) is good with wood. It gives you supplies lists and plans to make tons of awesome furniture. Those plans and a can of spray paint (i love spray paint) and you could have a great room!
  • Look at this beautiful pantry-esque cabinet, complete with matching jars and items likely from bulk bins. Ahhh.
  • I love this bathroom. I am thinking of painting our guestroom/office a blue or teal.

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Babies Left in Car Seats? I Don’t Think So.

4 Aug

There have been multiple articles recently about babies being left in car seats, and dying in cars in the sweltering summer heat. Forgive me for sounding like “that” mom, but there was a segment on the Today Show this morning. They were talking about moms who headed to work and forgot to drop their kid at daycare (or dropped their older kid, but forgot to get their infant out of the back seat), went to work, and went to pick their kid up from daycare to learn that their kid wasn’t there. But of course he is here, the mother would say. Oh, wait. Oh, no. And that’s it. the five month old was n the backseat of the SUV, in his rear-facing car seat and his mom had forgotten him. Forgot him on the way to work. Forgot him for nine hours at work. Forgot him on the way home from work. He died.

Then, they talk about some sensor technology that goes in car seats that alerts you on your dash that there’s still a baby in your back seat.

Matt Lauer asks, “why doesn’t the government require that technology be put in all cars?”

And the guy says something like they’re working on that.

When you are in the hospital for two nights after having a baby, they make you write down on a little chart what time you fed the baby, how long the baby ate, when you changed diapers that had pee in them, and when you changed diapers that had poo in them. You do this for two days, and if you do a good job with that and act decently competent, they let you head home, baby in tow, with no supervision. No one makes you keep writing on those sheets and turning them into anyone. Why? Because you are an adult. Because you were old enough to have sex. Because you should be able to handle this. And because if you can’t, your doctor will tell you 100 times over to just ask for help.

That’s why the government doesn’t require sensor technology to remind  you that you have a baby. Because you are an adult. Because you were old enough to have sex. Because you should be able to handle this. also gives some pointers on how not to forget your kid in your backseat. It tells you all sorts of stuff you can buy to remind yourself about your baby.

Don’t get me wrong, baby stuff is hard. There are a lot of changes.

Here’s a thought: cut your expenses (like all those reminders), work a little less, slow your life down, and hang out with your kid. Then maybe you will remember them.

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