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The Best of Blogs {Part One}

18 Jul

I think I will do this weekly, and it’s going to get me back to blogging. The Best of Blogs will be a post with links and tidbits of things I have found through the week, along with what recipes we ate at home that week (because I don’t just serve banana bread and cookie pie for all of our meals).

Some of these people are friends, and others I wish were friends. I will likely write about each one like I know them. There are so many things I see each week that I would love to do or recreate or experience, but there’s never enough time, so if I share them with you, perhaps you’ll find one that suits your day. Some are food-related, some are not!

Our Food:

  • {Monday} Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (very not-homemade with a jar of Classico Sauce), iceberg wedge salad, and bread
  • {Tuesday} Chicken BLT Sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls, Steamed cauliflower, and pineapple.
  • {Wednesday} Lettuce Wraps (recipe coming soon)
  • {Thursday} Chicken BLTs again (whoops), more pineapple, and more wedge salads
  • {Friday} Out: Central Market – salads on the deck

Other People’s Food:

Things That Aren’t Food:

  • I am learning to sew (meaning, last weekend I sewed two pieces of fabric together under the supervision of someone who can sew on a machine that was already threaded and ready to go…I have a lot of progress to make), and I want to make one of these…someday
  • Someday our little girl will need a bed – look how cute and resourceful this one is!
  • I sprayed my nice, Seventh Generation All-Purpose Cleaner bottle dry, and used this recipe to fill it back up for pennies!