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22 Nov

Jen is sweet, and has beckoned me back here. I have been cooking a fair amount, but remained stagnant over here. Jen knew just the trick to tempt me out of hibernation. Photos! This is a fun, oh-so-little-time-investment survey photo thingy. 

Here are the rules:
1. Go to your pictures
2. Upload the 4th picture of the 4th folder
3. Post it
4. Tag 4 friends

Here is my picture:

From 4×4

 Jon and I took a break from Lifeguarding 50 hours a week to go to Colorado. He got to show me where he grew up, and I got snot on by giraffes. No, really. We went to the Colorado Springs Zoo, and at the giraffes were really mucousy. This doesn’t sound that bad, because their heads are so far away from my own little body on the ground. But at this zoo, giraffe access is different. I walk up onto this bridge suspended over the giraffe pen. The giraffes are eye-level (nose-level) with your head. It is full giraffe-access. I buy feed from an old quarter-gumball-machine-turned-giraffe-feed-dispenser. Then, I hold it in my hand and let them eat out of it. Black tongues of giraffes licked the feed out of the crevaces between my tightly closed fingers. It’s all very engaging. I try and get the giraffe to stay by my head long enough that we can have Jon have a photo of us together, like we’re long-lost friends, reunited at the zoo. Other people are doing the same, and an older guy with a fancy camera its trying to get a close shot of a giraffe. His wife points out the next giraffe, who has a buggar hanging from his nose. It is all fun and games until the giraffe snots. Everywhere. Projectile snot. I would say this was about a cup total of snot, all out of one nostril, and all onto myself and other spectators. I don’t think a drop of snot was wasted onto the ground or on the bridge. It was gross. And also awesome.

I tag HilStreet, Amber-Rose, Erika, and Stephanie.


2 Responses to “Photo Tag”

  1. tierd November 22, 2008 at 7:11 pm #

    Great picture Morgan! Thanks for doing this … and now I have your cooking site marked too – I didn’t before!


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    […] Over a month ago, Morgan tagged meon her blog.  By tag, I mean “tag you are it,” not social […]

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