on secrets (a game of tag)…

22 Nov

Stephanie tagged me on this, and Jen has done one too, and I have never done it, so, now I will.

1. I threw up on the Superman ride at Fiesta Texas. Like, on the ride. While I was on the ride I threw up, and the ride was going so fast that it blew back on me, Jon, and the seat itself. Jon quickly escorted me off the ride when it was over and we never looked back to see who ended up in that seat later. I am really scared of heights. And I get motion sickness.

2. Brittany and I made really horrible fake IDs (out of our already not-professional, handwritten-by-the-principal, laminated junior high school IDs) that said we were 18 (we were 13), so that we could get into abar to see Semisonic. With our dads. 

3. And I am scared of needles! Am I high-maintainence? I know shots and getting blood taken doesn’t hurt, but it’s the idea of something going into my vein and some cold, sterile fluid traveling so quickly through my bloodstream. 

4. Before we moved to London, we went for a visit to check out school and houses. There were lots of signs on residences that said “to let.” I asked my dad what that meant and he said it meant that the place had a toilet, but in Britain, it was vulgar to say the word “toilet” so they just left out the “i.” (like writing sh*t?). For a week, I went around pointing at places saying “they have a toilet, they have a toilet!” “wait, that place doesn’t have a toilet?” Then we moved there and I thought the same thing, and I thought Brits were just really vulagar because they always ask “where’s the toilet” instead of “where’s the bathroom.” a few months later I learned “to let” meant “for rent”, and I realized how much of my brain space had been used questioning about and pondering on something that turned out to be crap.

5. When the song Californication hit the UK I was in 9th grade. I asked my dad what californication meant. It was awkward.

6. When I was two-going-on-three, I sucked my thumb. Bad. I was starting to wear grooves into my bone from my teeth biting at the base of my thumb. My dad would come home from work and tell me it was going to turn green and fall off. I kept sucking. He kept telling me the same thing. One day, when I was taking a nap on a weekend, my parents came into my room and painted my thumb green with food coloring. I FREAKED out when I woke up. They made a “phonecall” to the doctor, who said if I wrapped it in gauze and didn’t bump it all weekend and never sucked it again, maybe it would be salvagable. I did just that. By the time we took the gauze off the food coloring had gone away. I never sucked my thumb again. And then, I didn’t know that my parents had painted it green until I was probably 16, when my then-boyfriend/now-husband was over at my house. I actually still thought I had sucked into turning green. The best part about this is that Ben, my brother, has a similar childhood experience that he has yet learn to be a farse, instrumented by mom and dad.

7. I can sing every word to every song on Jewel’s Pieces of Me CD. When I was 13, we went to Germany, rented a car, and toured the country via auto. I forgot all my cds and only had Jewel’s that was already in my discman. 

Wow, those were all really embarassing.

I tag Amber-Rose, Olivia, Carey, Carrie, Kendall, Erika, and Mandy


2 Responses to “on secrets (a game of tag)…”

  1. tierd November 22, 2008 at 7:10 pm #

    Ha! I LOVED the green thumb trick – that is GREAT! I sucked my thumb until I was nine … had the Linus blankie and everything … my parents clearly hadn’t heard of the green thumb trick!

  2. Morgan November 23, 2008 at 7:39 am #

    LOL, I think my dad has a book of tricks noted somewhere. I am hoping we get them when we have kids…

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