Presenting…Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zainfeld.

29 Jun

We went to Houston last weekend for some dear friends’ wedding. Daniel and Lauren have been dating since the summer we graduated from high school. Daniel headed to UT and Lauren to Baylor, and they both graduated and were off to UTHSC and UTMB Galveston respectively. Talk about a patient (and intelligent) couple that is both endearing and enduring.

The days prior were filled with a bachelor camping trip, last-minute errands, a rehearsal and dinner (complete with Mexican lasagna that I have been commissioned to figure out and will post here), and some last-minute get-togethers with friends.

Daniel and Lauren’s day finally came on July 21, 2008. The church was ready and the guests were seated. Weddings are beautiful, aren’t they? I wait patiently, through the flurry of grandparents and barrage of bridesmaids for that one moment. The moment that the cacophony of strings instruments and almost-audible anticipation in the groom’s heart ceases, just for a minute, so that everyone can stand and see the bride. The. Bride. The bride who spent a year planning this wedding, who spent six years dating the groom and will spend sixty more. The bride who wanted this color of napkins, and then that one, and then back to the original and no one cared, because this was her event to make decisions about. The bride who was surprised on her engagement day – not surprised because she didn’t know that she would marry this man, but surprised that he found a way to catch her off guard, they both knew they would be together. The bride who loves her groom because he encourages her to love Jesus more than she loves him.

There were no sundry qualms in anticipation of this wedding. Daniel and Lauren had waited long and hard, and most of the crowd had been there, along their sides at one point or another, waiting too. Everyone was excited.

The ceremony and reception were off without (with?) a hitch! Daniel was Jon’s Best Man at our wedding and Jon was able to reciprocate. It was great to see family and friends, and also catch up with Andy and Laura (also here), Daniel’s oldest sister, and their supercute kiddos: Kate, who debuted as flower girl, and Jack, who just pulled through on his duty to be a charming 10-month old.


One Response to “Presenting…Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Zainfeld.”

  1. Laura July 21, 2008 at 7:20 pm #

    morgan – just seeing this post – so sweet and SOOO well-written. it was good to see you and jon…wish we lived a little closer 🙂 hope y’all are well.

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