day two…

7 Mar

It’s Monday and we get up early, only to relocate to lawn chairs and return quickly to the somber from whence we came until atleast 1pm, when the bellyflop competition will commence poolside. I think of the staff meeting that I was not present for this morning, and think of the fondness I have for the people I work for. We spend so much time together and know pretty well how to help eachother our and be supportive.

I wonder what these other 3,000 passengers on this vacation megaboat do on a normal day. Haircolour and number of wrinkles alone lead me to believe that over half of these people are retired and much of what they are doing today is probably normal: waking early, eating, playing bridge and talking about grandchildren. But what about the rest of these people?

An early thirtysomething dad stands with his probably four- or five-year-old daughter to look out into the ocean:

Daddy, what’s under the water?

More water, baby. With fish.

What’s under that?

Even more water.

More fish?


Like Nemo?

Nemo is probably out there somewhere, baby.

Well what is under alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll the water?


What’s under that?

More rock.


I don’t know, baby. Why don’t you become a geologist when you grow up and figure it out?

Ok. I want to be a gee-ol-gis. Maybe I will be as smart as you, daddy.

He probably spends 60 hours a week doing something terribly important for a company, but in these two minutes, this five-year-old is more important than anything, thanks to no ability for incoming phone calls and and only four dial-up internet enabled computers available for these 3,000 people.


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