day one…

5 Mar

We got back from a cruise last week! I will post some entries from my journal in the next few days:

The road to Galveston is a long one, a highway that rushes like a river through the concrete jungle that is Houston. Houston is massive. You can drive for an hour and a half and all along your way meet people who say they’re from Houston. We pass skyscrapers. Symbols of the American Dream, of wealth and power. Rich oil companies and swanky investment firms make their beds in the top floors of the tallest ones while single-digit floors are laden with smaller businesses that spend too much money for a downtown zip code. They feel privileged to rest on the bottom bunks of their more established, more successful counterparts.

We pass desperation on the sides of the road. They’re stumbling either from too much booze or from sheer physical deterioration. Sadly, I can’t tell the difference. I wonder silently if they gave up on life or if it gave up on them.


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