on pain and suffering

26 Oct

So I started this cooking blog months ago, which is great for my #1 hobby (cooking) and my #2 hobby (eating), but I am having some need inside of me to write about things other than pb&j bars and banana cake muffins and though these things are wonderful, we also know that the Israelites lived on manna for ages and hobbies aren’t everything. Saltimbocca will remain updated with tasty confections and it will be here that I attempt to explain the things seen by my minds eye and heard in the depths of my heart.

The past week or so, the realities of life and death and pain and suffering have been made more apparent to me than ever before, not because of anything in me personally, but in others. I think God is teaching me about compassion and about the faith in believers whose health and emotions are stretched to the greatest end. I am reading about friends, and friends of friends, who are hurting because their health is entrenched in sickness or their lives are bridled with loss, but their eyes, through tears, look to God. What a beautiful picture that our lives are not our own–to look through our strife to see God waiting for us at the end, to see the promise of heaven and an eternal saviour. This then, begins to pain my heart more–for those who are suffering and hurting and are without a hope, or rather who have their hope in a world that fails them, in doctors who fail them, in medicine that fails them, in relationships that end in fights, in possessions that are looted, in a company that restructures, in money that vanishes with a plummeting investment…

God had a great message for us on Sunday through Matt (click to listen), drawing attention to the fact that 1. people need Jesus, 2. sometimes God calls us to help facilitate people knowing Jesus, 3. if God calls you to help facilitate–if God tells you to go talk with someone, to go off your beaten path today because there is someone who needs to see you elsewhere–then God is already at work in that person’s heart. The act of someone’s salvation is not in your hands, the eloquence of your speech will not make or break someone’s heart. So take the pressure off, follow God, and don’t be afraid to say something when He asks you to.

All of these things comprise what’s going on in my head. This weekend will be a good one, we’re helping Jon’s grandparents move, spending time with some fun little boys on Saturday night while mom and dad have a night out, and then we get to hang out and have all sorts of fellowship on Sunday. Can’t wait 🙂

Here’s a photo of Jon and I from last weekend:



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